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These are the type of telegraphs that use powerful electromagnets (two about an inch in diameter and 2 inches long) to drive a pen or pencil (these use inked rollers) onto a moving strip of paper driven by clockwork, thus marking the paper with the dots and dashes of Morse code.

H. Wetzer Land Line Telegraph.
Circa 1880
Used at a Bolivian Railway Station. This telegraph shows a mastery of several arts. The clockwork and woodwork are true examples of artistic and engineering skill. In the case of this telegraph the paper is marked by an inked roller.

M. Kipp Land Line Telegraph.
Circa 1880?
Made in Neuchatel Switzerland, home of many fine clockwork companies.

The following telegraph is NOT part of the Mangold collection

Hasler (of Berne) Swiss Railway Telegraph
More than 100 years ago Gustav Adolf Hasler took over the Swiss Federal Telegraph Workshops in Berne, which had been set up to install reliable communications connections between Switzerland's main cities. With his partner Heinrich Albert Escher, he co-founded Hasler & Escher, a company which initially specialized in the manufacture and repair of Morse telegraph equipment. Soon, however, the company extended its field of activity to research and development in the field of precision measuring instruments and registration equipment. Shortly before the death of Albert Escher, ownership of the company was transferred to Gustav Adolf Hasler. After the death of Gustav Adolf Hasler in January 1900, his son Gustav took over.1
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1Source of company biography unknown
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