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Update September 2012:
Currently recovering from protracted illness.
Available for 20 hours a week of work at home labor. Limited travel in Northern California hopeful in near future.

    Designed (sans software), debugged, and built a SEGA game machine cartridge tester based on the Motorola 68000. (Electronic Arts)

    Designed, debugged and built a SEGA 4 player adapter tester to smooth new product introduction of the 4 player adapter. (Electronic Arts)

    Performed numerous PWA layouts (approx. 30), both pin-through and SMT, including high-speed designs. Worked with outside vendors for Chip on Board technology layout and manufacturing. (Electronic Arts)

    Member of the new product introduction team which brought the first Motorola 25 MHZ 68020 and 68030 In-Circuit Emulators into manufacturing. (ATRON)
    Member of the new product introduction team which brought the first AMD 29000 and 29030 In-Circuit Emulators into manufacturing. (Embedded Performance)
    Consulted with assembly house to design and install and start up their first SMT production line. (ATRON, Embedded Performance)

    Staffed 2 manufacturing start up environments. One employed 6 people and was responsible for 8 Million dollars a year in revenue, the other 8 people and 7 million dollars a year in revenue. These groups were responsible for all purchasing, assembly. debug, and test of product as well as repairs and updates. (ATRON, Embedded Performance)

    Worked with customer support and customers in the field (including overseas) to identify and resolve new product problems. Designed fixes and wrote ECOs for production. (Microbar, Embedded Performance, ATRON)

    Designed logic and PWA for 68000 adapter for 68020 emulator. (ATRON)

    Designed a proprietary cleaning and drying process for hazardous chemical dispense equipment. A patent (pending) has been applied for this design. (Microbar)

    Work History 1998 to present, Contract Engineer Performed engineering services on a contract basis.

    1995 to 1998, Test Engineer, Microbar. Responsible for testing and quality assurance of hazardous chemical dispense equipment. Shipments are approx. $2.2 million per month. Responsible for writing test procedures, quality inspections, and work instructions addressing areas of the entire manufacturing process. Developed electrical and fluid test equipment to support the test and manufacturing processes. Researched and developed a fluid path cleaning and drying process saving approximately $15000 annually.

    1992 to 1995, Supervisor of Hardware Tools, Electronic Arts. Responsible for schematic capture, PWA layout, manufacture, test, debug, QA and shipment of video game hardware development tools. Responsible for purchasing of components for the HW Tools group. Maintained a customer tracking database of all shipments. Assigned as the responsible engineer for all SEGA game machine cartridges for 2 years. Responsible for the repair of all of the HW Tool's products (approx. 16 different products with variations).

    1990 to 1992, Manufacturing Manager, Embedded Performance INC. Responsible for purchasing, assembly, test, debug, QA and shipment of AMD 29000 family of In-Circuit Emulators. Peak shipment was approx. $800,000 per month. This team also performed all repair, updates, and upgrades to EPI product. This team maintained a 2 day "dock to dock" repair policy, and a 5 day "dock to dock" upgrade / update policy. Implemented manufacturing test procedures and equipment. Solved design problems that arose during manufacturing test.

    1986 to 1990, Manufacturing Manager, ATRON. Built a team to bring first 25 MHZ 68020 In-Circuit Emulators into manufacturing with responsibility for all aspects of manufacturing, purchasing, and incoming component and sub-assembly quality. As my knowledge of the product grew, my responsibilities included the solving of implementation problems in the field. This included the writing and implementation of ECOs. Performed several PWA layouts and one design. Began employment as a production technician responsible for PCB component level debug, product shipments, QA, and vendor interface.

    1984 to 1986, PCB Test Supervisor, GRID Systems. Supervisor of a 15 person department which initially, at the time of my hire, was two people. Assisted in the staffing of the customer repair group. Solved numerous design problems including TTL IC compatibility. Began employment as a technician responsible for test and component level debug of lap top computers.

    1980 to 1984 Independent R and D Technician. Employed at a number of bay area firms performing duties including wire-wrap, parts procurement, documentation, prototype assembly, and component level debug.

    1978 to 1980 Production Test Technician, Zilog. Performed component level debug of Z80 and Z8000 PCB level products, including In-Circuit Emulators. Promoted to lead technician on swing shift.

    1977 to 1978 Siltec, Maintenance Technician. Performed maintenance and component level troubleshooting on a wide variety of wafer fabrication equipment.

    1973 to 1977 US NAVY, Aviation Anti-Submarine Warfare Operator

    Education: Graduated Homestead High 1973
    Aviation Electronics Class A School 1973
    JIT and MRP training
    Management training
    PCAD PWA layout training
    Shapetech (Cooper and Chyan) autorouter training
    Hazardous Material Training
References Available Upon Request

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