O'Neill's Electronic Museum

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About This Site

Slightly more than a year ago I was offered the chance to help a family find homes for some electronic equipment. Little did I know at the time what a sense of honor (and actual rushes of awe) that I would experience. The gentleman, Rudolph Mangold (HB9DU) had been collecting equipment since the 1920's. He apparently never stopped as he was just learning computers when he passed away. It was decided fairly quickly NOT to break up the collection for mere monetary gain. We are now trying to find a physical home for this collection.

The growth of this site will be a task that I will personally enjoy for numerous reasons. The main theme (as R.M. wished) is to bring a sense of history to younger minds with scientific tendencies. It will also be hampered by several: notably my technical expertise and the need to learn German.

I would like to thank all those that have contributed to this site!

Please use the main page bulletin board for any comments!

On occasion people like to know more about me. My resume may be viewed here.


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