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Brown Boveri Elesta Cerberus Albiswerk Comet Herag
Philips Signum/Metrum
Basler Glühlampenfabrik Swisserische Glühlampenfabrik AG Zug and Licht AG Goldau

Müller Geiger counter Tube Landistgyr Swiss: The Muller Geiger counter tube is an evacuated tube, which contains an internal electrode that, upon the impact of a radioactive particle, releases an impulse (current or voltage pulse unk.). Serves for the detection of radioactivity
Cerberus Männedorf Swiss S90 140 Voltage Stabilizer: These tubes stabilize 90 Volts. The Swiss tubes were well known for their precision. 90 Volt.
Cerberus Männedorf Swiss GR16: Cold Cathode Tubes were the world specialty of two Swiss Companies. There are gas filled tubes (Diodes) with an ignition electrode. Thyratrons. If a minimal voltage is applied to the ignition electrode (nanoA) then the tube ignites (the gas inside ionizes) allowing more current to flow. The ignition condition is indicated by glowing neon gas. The life span of the Tube is about 25,000 hours.
yel 6
1921 Basler Glühlampenfabrik Triode Very Rare! 50 were hand made in a back house off the "good road" (TS)
Returned home to Basel Switzerland!
yel 60
Brown Bovery Baden P300-1 Beam Tetrode
yel 57
Brown Bovery Baden Q400-1 Beam Tetrode
Elesta Bad Ragaz Swiss ER1Ö Disadvantage: the tube can be used only for switching on. To switch off the anode voltage must be interrupted.
Cerberus ? Unknown
Cerberus Männedorf Swiss GR22: Even with a small flaw in the glass surface the tube can catch fire (bordering on criminal). (TS Click Here for Original German Text).
Elesta Bad Ragaz Swiss ER32A GR44: Small Relay Tube (see also under cold cathode tubes)
Blue 15
1942 Brown Boveri Baden DQ2 With the blitz beginning the BBC had reproductions of the 866 made in Baden Switzerland. (TS Click Here for Original German Text)

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