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Tetrodes, Pentodes and Beam Power Tubes, Traveling Wave Tube,
Magnetrons, Thyratrons, Oscilloscope Tubes

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 yel 80
England CV5293 Traveling Wave Tube: How Traveling Wave Tubes function, read on a separate sheet . Use: Satellites
 yel 79
Sharp Japan 2M167B Magnetron: View in the Green Dot Group, the German Magnetron (without the giant magnet). This 1998 Magnetron has an output of 800 Watts! Notes on a separate sheet .
 yel 81
1928 Loewe Germany 3NFW undamaged rare piece! Tube, which contains 3 systems and all associated construction units. See separate sheet. searching for sheet
 yel 82
Firar Italian 5864 Thyratron: For the function of thyratrons see separate sheet.
 yel 83
RCA the USA 2050 xenon gas filled thyratron
 yel 84
Philips's Holland EA50 sub-micro diode: High voltage electric rectifier for televisions
 yel 85
Mullard England DL73 sub-micro Pentode: For Weather Balloon Transmitters
 yel 86
sub-micro 406 tetrode: Unknown
 yel 87
Philips Holland 5840 sub-micro Pentode for portable receiver.
 yel 88
Raytheon the USA 1AK4 sub-micro Pentode: For bad reception amplifiers ts
 yel 89
Tung Sol the USA 5829 sub-micro double diode: For portable net receivers.
 yel 90
Philips's Holland DM160 Indicator Tube: Modulation indicatorts
 yel 94
RCA, USA 5ABP Oscilloscope Tube: electro static diversion with post acceleration anode. Screen color: blue
particularly for photo-graphic reception
 yel 91
RCA the USA 913 electron jet tube: About cathode ray tubes (electron beam tubes, Oscilloscope tube) see separate sheet .
 yel 92
Philips's Holland DM3-91 electron jet tube: electro static diversion, screen color: green
 yel 93
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RCA the USA 3KP Oscilloscope tube: electro static diversion, screen color: blue
 yel 95
Physical Technical Works at Wiesbaden PTW Vidicon: camera receiving tube for television. (without the electro magnet deflection coils)
 yel 96
RCA the USA 1P28 Photo multiplier: Photo multipliers are tubes, which amplify tiny quantities of light. Used especially on tubes, in order to adjust to see a star or a satellite.ts
 yel 97
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USA 9AEP4 Black and White television: Representative of the 720 different television picture tubes. We leave a simple explanation of the function the attached notes.

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