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World War Two Era
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Philips Holland TB4/1250 Triode
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SFR France E756 Triode
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SFR France EG400 Pentode
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Amperex USA ZB3200 Triode: four such 5600 W Triodes connected in parallel provided battleships a much needed output of 250 (25 kilowatts? possible typo) kilowatts. Because of disassembly damage, it was glued with Epoxy.
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1942 GE USA GL316A Triode: The following tubes show that the industry always attempts smaller types for very high frequency and high power applications. TS
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1941 Western Electric USA 717A Pentode: These tubes were short lived (market lifetime) and succumbed to the competition.
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Mullard England EC52 Triode
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1935 RCA USA 955 Triode The "acorn tubes" last longer and were happily used by radio amateurs.
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Tung-Sol 954 Pentode
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RCA USA 957 Triode: Rare
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(left) RCA USA 5675 Triode: This, very small triode is inserted directly (without a socket) into the resonant circuit. As an oscillator it supplies 300 mW with a frequency of 3300 MHz.
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(right) GE USA A2196S: The "Rocket tube" is inserted likewise without bases directly into the resonant circuit and results in 500 mW at 5000 MHz
yel 73
Eimac USA 2C39A (7289) Triode: The ceramic design of the aforementioned tube improves cooling, resulting in: 25 Watts at 2500 MHz
yel 74
KB/M England CV238 Klystron: To set frequency the circular resonator circle (see Klystron notes) is adjusted by the 7 machined screws. No further data available.
yel 75
Raytheon USA C6309 Klystron: This klystron can be adjusted to between 1600 and 6500 MHz by changing the repeller grid voltage. Achieving some milliwatts
yel 76
Telefunken Germany 723A/B Klystron: With this klystron the repeller can be adjusted with a screw.
yel 77
(left) 1959 RCA USA 7895 Triode: Desperate attempt to save tube production from the arising new Nuvistor, sounds similar to transistor.
yel 78
(right) 1959 RCA USA 7587 Tetrode: Fully automated Ceramic construction with higher temperatures of manufacture. Unique quality, but brought RCA losses of millions. Given up.

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