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Triodes, Tetrodes and Pentodes
1926 to 1941

TS means the Translation is Suspect
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 yel 21
1926 Siemens BO Triode: Consider the durable interior construction. Vibration-proof for film sound amplifiers.
Click Here for large photo of elements.
 yel 22
1926 RT (France) R41 triode: Again a mirror effect from the getter. This time from S-piston-execution (TS).
 yel 23
1927 Philips A.B. triode: Small transmission triode for short wave amateur transmitters. Achieves approx. 5 Watts
 yel 24
1927 unknown French S??M triode: Many radio amateurs require tubes with the elements mounted vertically matter. The industry follows this desire.
 yel 25
1927 Radiofotos Grammont (France) E6 triode: The ancestor to the previous tube (above far right). The elements are arranged horizontally for more stability. Click here for close up photo of the two tube's elements.
 yel 26
1927 SIF GO10 triode: 10 Watt transmission triode
 yel 27
1927 Telefunken RS5 triode: Telefunken brings an amazingly low-priced KW transmitter tube to market for amateurs . Only anode has top connection.
 yel 28
1928 Cyrnos 78-4 "Tri-Grid": Despite the failure of the double grid tube a triple grid is developed. Doesn't market well.
 yel 29
1935 Philips TC 1-40 triode: This low-priced KW transmission triode of approx. 15 Watts is not accepted in the market due to it's socket footprint.
 yel 30
1935 SIF A4-5 triode: A transmission triode very much liked. With 75 W transmitting power up to 60 MHz but was too expensive for amateurs! Click Here for another view.
 yel 31
1925 SIF GOT-100 high frequency amplifier Pentode
 yel 32
1925 SIF TM150 amateur send triode
Click Here for large photo of elements.
 yel 33
1925 Mazda Radio (France) triode amplifier tube for low frequency used in sports public address systems.
 yel 34
1930 unknown England amateur end triode: Grid has side connection, anode on top. No further data available. Click Here for large close up of lower half.
 yel 35
1931 SFR P75 Transmitting Pentode; 150 Watt
 yel 36
1936 SFR EG75 amateur transmission triode: 120-200 Watt
 yel 37
1940 RCA 803 Pentode: New characteristic: Anode from graphite! With the next three radio tubes the suppressor grid was no longer connected to the cathode, but led out on a pin. (TS)
 yel 38
1940 Tungsram Hungary OS 41-250 Pentode: This permitted a very simple modulation: The high impedance side of a microphone Transformer was put between the suppressor grid and the cathode.
 yel 39
1940 Tungsram Hungary OS 125-2000 Pentode: To build crystal transmitter into Telephone. Not well received in market.
 yel 40
1941 RCA national union 807 Beam power tube: Successor of the 6L6G. explanation Beam power principle on 5.6 of the introduction. A liked cheap radio tube.
RCA USA 828 Beam Power Tube
GE USA 813 Beam Power Tube

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