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Full and Half Wave Rectifiers (Diodes)
1917 to 1953

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1917 Tungar (General Electric) The first rectifier tube for battery charging. Because of heating above socket a higher current is realized. The anode is covered with a wire mesh.

1923 Philips 367 Full Wave Rectifier

1921 Rectron R220 Half Wave Rectifier. The tube was evacuated through the pip at the top.

1925 Philips DCG/250 Half Wave Rectifier filled with mercury vapor
1926 Philips 1326 Full Wave Rectifier filled with argon.
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1928 Philips 506 Full Wave Rectifier with special socket with warning lamps
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1929 General Electric 80 Full Wave Rectifier
Blue 8
1932 National Union 82 Full Wave Rectifier
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1933 Telefunken RGN 2004 Full Wave Rectifier Fine mesh anode for better cooling.
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1933 Raytheon B-A Full Wave Rectifier. An attempt to build a Full Wave Rectifier without heating the cathode. Translation is suspect.
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1933 RCA 83 Full Wave Rectifier with mercury vapor.
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1935 Sylvania 83V Full Wave Rectifier In certain applications the tube produced strong current.
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1935 General Electric 866 Half Wave Rectifier first transmitter tube to achieve 2 Kilo Watts. With Mercury Vapor
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1940 KB/EA CV74 This is a sample built for the English Army. There was high demand due to the invention of Radar. These were used in the first Radar Pulser.
Blue 15
1942 Brown Boveri Baden DQ2 With the blitz beginning the BBC had reproductions of the 866 made in Baden Switzerland (translation suspect)
Blue 16
1943 National Union 371 A VT 166 Made for the US Radar Stations. High Voltage Half Wave Rectifier With Special Socket
Blue 17
1950 Raytheon 6X5 Full Wave Rectifier with octal socket. Replacement for the large type 80.
Blue 18
1953 Ken-Rad ST4 Full Wave Rectifier made completely of metal.
Blue 19
1946 RCA 2X2 As TV's and oscilloscopes grew bigger the need for these High Voltage Rectifier tubes arose.
Blue 20
1947 Telefunken EY88 Half Wave Rectifier adjusted for a 9 pin socket

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