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1916 to 1926

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1916 Seddig Würzburg RJW Triode It is difficult to find data as it is all hand made.
1916 Marconi (UK) V24 Triode One of the first miniature tubes.
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1920 RCA UV199 Triode The first from RCA to be machine manufactured. From circa 1918 and very used. May have less used samples in boxes.
1920 Western Electric 215A Triode This base was hardly used by 1920. (TS) Did not retain itself, because the spring pressure contact was often bad.
1920 Telefunken RE16 Triode Fabricated in Würzburg. Anode and Grid are copper. Tube data not available.
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1921 Basler Glühlampen Fabrik Triode Very Rare! 50 were hand made in a back house off the "good road". This tube has been returned home to Basel Switzerland! (TS)
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1921 Huth Gmbh RE50 Triode Huth GmbH manufactured several types with ball glass bulbs. See also the issued tube documentation. The engineers from Kühn and Huth GmbH invented the oscillator which had the circuits named after them. (TS)
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1922 Telefunken RE11 Triode das hat der Röhren Sammler gern: Exact manufacture date on side of socket.
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1922 Standard Telephone Co. (UK)205D Triode This Triode was made without getter. It is very easy to see the internal structure.
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1922 Marconi Osram R Triode. Manufactured from yellow glass.
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1923 Philips D2 Triode Considering that they evacuate the tube through the pip on top, tubes without getter are made, so-called "soft tubes".
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1921 Telefunken RE71 Triode Unable to discover any exact data.
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1923 Philips D6 "dual grid" Triode This tube has 2 grids: Connection on the socket site. These two grid tubes benefit from lower anode voltages. (TS)
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1923 Philips E Triode Tennis ball style tube with a lot of getter substance. It was bought for it's appearance. (TS)
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1923 Mazda (France) TM15 Triode Mazda began making the anode black in order to improve heat dissipation.
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1924 Radio-Micro (France) GDER (Groupment pour le Development des Emissions Radiophoneiques) Triode
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1924 Telefunken RE154 Triode
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1924 Philips S??M Triode First Triode with connections on top. (TS) Particularly well suited for the reception of ultra short wave. Authors note: This is due in part to decreased inter electrode capacitance.
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1925 Radio-Micro ZMY Triode The serrated bakelite socket is typical of French tube production.(TS)
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1926 Telefunken RE062 Triode Very little information available.

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