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A great collection of early physics demonstration and experimental equipment,
many photos (more than 1600), well annotated hours of fun!
Kenyon College Instruments for Natural Philosophy

Another great collection, English and German versions, including
the Zamboni Perpetual Pendulum which operated from 1823 to 1970.
University of Innsbruck Experimental Physics Virtual Museum

The Light and Matter series of Online introductory physics textbooks.
Downloadable Physics Textbooks very nice site.

Another great site. All kinds of old physics labratory and demonstration equipment. Not limited to electricity.
Physics Cabinet

Crookes and Geissler Tubes

All kinds of great items, great pictures, beautiful Crookes and Geissler tubes.
Kilokat's Antique Light Bulb Site

A Very fine site. An outstanding collection of Crookes and Geissler Tubes.

Radio and Tubes

Lots of Radio Parts and Information
Vintage Components

Everything you wanted to know with great pictures.

Source of Rare and Collectable Tubes

All kinds of good stuff! Links to a lot of publications for those in need of paperwork.

More good stuff! Great collection of Data Sheets.
Franks Electron Tube Pages

Electrostatic and Tesla Coil Information

Tesla Coil Information. Also how to build one. Although I love things that click, glow and spark: Make sure you don't and heed the warnings.

A Great site. A lot of electronic fun and very well diversified. Great pictures too.

A great site for electrostatic machines and information.

Inventors, Museums, and History

This one is great! A lot of information well presented.
Smithsonian Virtual "American History of Lighting" Tour

List of Museums Including a Large List of Virtual Museums

Inventors and Inventions. Very Nice! Well diversified Biographies. Includes resources for inventors.

Nice site, lots of good biographies.

Organizations and Clubs

Nevada County California Radio Club

(Society of the friends of the history of the nature of Radio)

Ham Radio Internet Guide,
Nice site for Ham Radio Information and Links
Visit DXZone -
                  Click Here

A very nice, well thought out site for Hams. Not as intimidating as the big ones. Very enjoyable!

Union Schweizerischer Kurzwellen Amateure (USKA)
(Union of Swiss Short Waves Amateurs)

Interessengemeinschaft Übermittlung
Community of Transmission Interests TS

Web Development

This is the Software I use to for all my search engine needs. It is a great piece of SW for all kinds of things including but not limited to: Submission, Visitor tracking, Meta tag and keyword information, and more.
Search Engine Optimization by Web CEO
This is the Software I use to analyze my log file. It has been of great service in my education of the finer points of web page design.
This is Great Software. It has been of immense help in the translations I have done.