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In addition to Ruedi Mangold's vast collection of artifacts and writings there has been help from numerous sources. This help has come both in personal and book form.

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To my knowledge I have used only public domain material (except as noted) and violated no copyright laws.
If you know or feel differently please contact me and I will resolve the issue.


16. Class 10 August 1928 number 32 (TS)
Eulogy for Ferdinand Braun
By L. Mandelstam and N. Papalexi, Moscow
Translated by Kevin O'Neill

Revised edition of Ferdinand Braun: Leben und Wirken des Erfinders der Braunschen Röhre, Nobelpreis 1909 by Friedrich Kurylo. Originally Published in 1965 by Heinz Moos Verlags gesellschaft Gmbh & Co. KG, Munich
I. Braun, Ferdinand, 1850-1918.
2. Physicists-Germany-Biography.
I. Susskind, Charles. II. Title.
QC16.B68K813 530'.092'4 [B] 181-5063
ISBN 0-262-11077-6 AACR2
Copyright © 1981 by The Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Parts Reprinted with permission.

Ferdinand Braun: His life in references.
Submitted by Dr. Klaus Stadler, 07-06-2000 in Fulda


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Edi Willi

The following people have been of immense help! I have certainly forgotten some of my e-mail contacts and I regret any omissions.

Dr. Klaus Stadler for wonderful insight into his Great Grandfather Ferdinand Braun. This sparked me into a wonderful and informative line of study.

Edi Willi for patience and help with my German, translation, photographic technique, and artifact identification. Also many thanks for his fine photos of parts of his collection. (under construction)

Hanspeter Moser for taking the time to visit with me, translations, artifact identification, and technical help.

Thanks to Peter Windahl for photos of his Shinn Thunder Storm Machine.

And especially Big Nick, Eve and Juliette Mangold, for their translations, great conversation, wonderful meals, and a wonderful perspective on this project.

Lastly my two wonderful children, Kathryn and Brian for layout and artistic design. But mostly for their patience with me when I translate!

Please e-mail me with any comments!
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